Garaventa Lift Home Elevator New Jersey dealer

Quiet and Smooth Elegance

Crown Elevator is an authorized Garaventa Lift Home Elevator representative, and is proud to install and service Garaventa Lift Elvoron home elevators. In business for almost 50 years, Garaventa Lift North America offers a wide variety of residential elevator styles and innovative technology to fit your budget.

With a choice of elevator drive systems, you can easily add a home elevator to an existing home or new construction. Crown Elevator is equipped to install both the hydraulic system or in-line, machine room-less system. The inline drive system is ideal for a home renovation with limited space because this system doesn’t require a hydraulic system machine room.

See All the Options

Download the Garaventa Lift Elvoron Home Elevator brochure and learn more about all the safety features and style options.

safe and smooth Graventa Lift home elevator with white cab

Focus on Safety and Style

Garaventa Lift makes its own hydraulic cylinders and pressure-tests each one to exact standards. The Uninterruptible Power Supply ensures you can electronically lower the elevator cab in a power outage.

Garaventa Lift 3 speed sliding doors for home elevator

Advanced Home Elevator Features

Garaventa Lift offers top features for safety and convenience, from premium 3-speed sliding doors to tamper-resistant I-Button electronic key switches and fobs.

Garaventa Lift home elevator in room with wood paneling

The Right Fit For Your Home

From traditional wood paneling to ultra modern glass, Garaventa Lift Elvoron home elevators combine practical accessibility with luxurious details to increase your home’s value.

Gavaventa Lift control panel home elevator

Attention to Detail

Design the perfect home elevator to match your style. Choose from Car Operating Panels and Hall Stations in traditional metal including brushed stainless steel, polished stainless steel, polished gold, and rubbed bronze. For a more upscale look, upgrade to white glass, black glass, bronze mirror glass or champagne mirror glass.

Garaventa Lift home elevator cab styles

Home Elevator Cab Wall Finishes

We make it easy to find the best cab style to match your home. Choose from raised panel, recessed panel, veneer panel, melamine panel or glass panel. You can also design your own custom cab with wall coverings, paint colors and more.

Get Started With the Garaventa Lift Planning Guide

We are here to help you at every step from choosing the best elevator style for your home to installing your home elevator in accordance with local codes. View the Garaventa Lift planning guide and contact us for a free consultation.