Top Quality Vertical Transport

Crown Elevator and Lift Company is a certified installer of both residential and commercial dumbwaiters. Well built and reliable, our dumbwaiters make it easy to move items from floor to floor in commercial spaces, restaurants, hotels and homes.


Dumbwaiters in the Home

A dumbwaiter is easy to install in a home, and simplifies moving household items from floor to floor. Easily transport water softener salt to your basement. Move laundry, luggage, groceries, heavy packages, trash and recyclables up and down from the ground floor to the top floor.

Are you tired of making multiple trips up and down the stairs to put groceries away? Or are you fed up with lugging a laundry basket from one floor to another?

Call us at 1-844-651-2229 for a free in-home consultation in the New Jersey area.

Commercial Dumbwaiter installation and repair for NJ restaurants

Commercial Dumbwaiters

We also install dumbwaiters for restaurants, hotels and other commercial spaces. Contact us for more information.